Daily Hope Devotional

Stop Waiting for Things to Settle Down

By Rick Warren — December 13, 2018
The most important word you can learn in time management is “no.” Every time you say no, you save yourself a whole lot of time. But here’s a phrase that’s also good time management: “Do … Continue reading Stop Waiting for Things to Settle Down
Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done—and still sleep? To make the most of your time, you must clarify what’s most important. Stop saying, … Continue reading To Do What’s Most Important, First Clarify What’s Most Important

Biblical Goals Are FAITH Goals

By Rick Warren — December 11, 2018
God will help you in any area of your life that you give to him—including time management. To make the most of your time, you must believe that God will help you if you trust … Continue reading Biblical Goals Are FAITH Goals

How to Make the Most of Your Time

By Rick Warren — December 10, 2018
All of us get the same amount of time every week: 168 hours. The difference between people who make their lives count and those who don’t is how they manage their time. God wants to … Continue reading How to Make the Most of Your Time

Wisdom Is a Gift

By Rick Warren — December 9, 2018
How do you get wisdom? Do you just decide one day that you’re going to muster up the wisdom you need? Do you make a New Year’s resolution to be wise? No! This is the … Continue reading Wisdom Is a Gift

If You’re Wise, You Won’t Disguise

By Rick Warren — December 8, 2018
A mark of wise people is that they don’t try to hide their weaknesses. The Bible says true wisdom is “impartial and sincere.” Those words in Greek both sound like “hypocrite,” and for good reason: … Continue reading If You’re Wise, You Won’t Disguise

Wisdom Shows Mercy, Not Judgment

By Rick Warren — December 7, 2018
Do you jump on people every time they make a blunder? Do you ever let people go, or do you keep hounding them about their mistakes? Do you hold them in leverage, even when they … Continue reading Wisdom Shows Mercy, Not Judgment

Don’t Get Defensive

By Rick Warren — December 6, 2018
After one pastor had preached his first sermon at his new church, a guy walked over to him and said, “Pastor, that sermon stunk.” The pastor was trying to be reasonable and open about it … Continue reading Don’t Get Defensive

Wise People Avoid Arguments

By Rick Warren — December 5, 2018
Have you ever met someone who is always arguing and looking for a fight? I heard about one guy who was so argumentative he would only eat food that disagreed with him. Wise people work … Continue reading Wise People Avoid Arguments

Walk Securely in Wisdom

By Rick Warren — December 4, 2018
Have you noticed how common sense isn’t so common? A lot of smart people are not too wise. They may be educated, but they don’t have wisdom. They may have all kinds of degrees, but … Continue reading Walk Securely in Wisdom