Daily Hope Devotional

In 1956, five American missionaries headed to the rainforest of the eastern Amazon in Ecuador to make a second visit to the isolated Huaorani tribe. The people had a culture of killing, and anthropological studies … Continue reading How Do You Forgive?
When someone hurts you deeply, forgiveness probably isn’t your natural response. Instead, you may want to hold on to the hurt and to bitterness toward the person who caused you pain. But God calls you … Continue reading Forgive Because You’re Forgiven
You’ve heard this phrase over and over: “Forgive and forget.” There’s only one problem with it: You can’t do it. It’s impossible! You really can’t forget a hurt in your life. In fact, there’s no … Continue reading You Don’t Have to Forget
What do you think about when you think of forgiveness? Do you think forgiving also has to mean just going on with the relationship as if nothing ever happened? It doesn’t—and, in fact, it shouldn’t. … Continue reading How to Restore a Relationship
Forgiveness may be the most misused, misapplied, and misunderstood quality in our culture. You may think you know what forgiveness is all about, but, if you’re like most people, you really don’t. Here’s a quiz … Continue reading What Forgiveness Really Is
We learned yesterday that, ultimately, your identity is based on your choices. Here are five winning choices you can make that will help determine your destiny. 1. You can choose to get healthier. Instead of … Continue reading Your Destiny: Five Winning Choices
As Psalm 139:14 says, God made you “wonderfully complex” (NLT). So, to fulfill God’s purpose for you, it’s essential to look at every dimension of your life and understand the five factors that influence your … Continue reading Your Choices Can Change Your Life
When you understand the five factors that influence your identity, you can start on the road to becoming all God created you to be. The first two factors are chemistry (how you are made) and … Continue reading Your Circumstances and Thoughts Shape You
God made you wonderfully complex with five factors that influence your identity. When you understand and embrace those five factors, you can start to experience real transformation toward becoming the person God made you to … Continue reading Your Chemistry and Connections Matter
The Bible says there’s nothing simple about you. You’re complex and multifaceted. You’re not easy to understand or explain. In Psalm 139:14, David says, “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!” (NLT). To make … Continue reading God Made You Wonderfully Complex