Daily Hope Devotional

If you are unwilling to forgive someone and you don’t want God to forgive them either, that reveals bitterness and resentment in your life. If you want someone else to be punished but you expect … Continue reading Why You Should Always Choose Forgiveness
Life is full of interruptions. Sometimes we have big plans—for a career, family, or ministry—but God takes our lives in a different direction. When our plans and God’s plans don’t match up, we often try … Continue reading When Your Plans and God’s Plans Don’t Match
God only uses imperfect, broken people. If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done because perfect people don’t exist! If you’re willing to be used by God, he will use you. No matter … Continue reading New Day, New Opportunity to Fulfill Your Mission
When God sent Jonah to Nineveh, his mission was to warn the people about the severe consequences for their disobedience. God wanted them to know that his judgment was near, but that they still had … Continue reading We Have a Biblical Responsibility to Warn Others
When God gives you another chance to fulfill your mission in life, seize it. Don’t waste it. It’s the time to focus on God’s unique calling for your life. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 6:1, … Continue reading When God Gives You a Second Chance, Seize It
God loves to give second chances. Consider Jonah. God gave him a mission to tell the people of Nineveh to repent. But Jonah didn’t like Nineveh and wanted the people to experience God’s judgment. So … Continue reading Thank God for Second Chances
When you feel hopeless, it seems counterproductive to express gratitude. Why would you feel grateful when you’ve hit rock bottom? Just ask Jonah. At the end of his prayer from the belly of the big … Continue reading Thanking God Ahead of Time
When we’re in trouble, we’re often tempted to find some sort of quick fix—or at least something that will relieve our stress. People’s families may be falling apart. Their finances may be falling apart. Their … Continue reading Don’t Settle for False Fixes
When you feel hopeless, choose to think about the one thing you know will lift your spirit: the goodness of God. How did Jonah do it? Here’s what he said: “When I had lost all … Continue reading Focus on God’s Goodness in Your Darkest Days
When you’re feeling hopeless, you need to figure out where that feeling is coming from—and then you can begin to pray specifically for what you need. That’s how God wants you to talk with him. … Continue reading When You Feel Hopeless, Pray Specifically