Daily Hope Devotional

Change requires new thinking. In order to change, we must learn the truth and start making good choices, but we also must change the way we think. The way you think determines the way you … Continue reading If You Want to Change, Start with Your Thinking
Change requires making choices. It’s not enough to dream of changing. It’s not enough to desire change. In order for you to change, you will need to make a decision. You must choose to change. … Continue reading You Have to Choose to Change
The secret to personal change is not willpower. The secret is to know and face the truth. You must know and face the truth about yourself and your nature if you want to change. Nothing … Continue reading If You Want to Change, Then Face the Truth
As you strive to reach the goals that God has given you, it’s important to remember that life on Earth is just a temporary assignment. Knowing this truth should radically alter your values and fix … Continue reading Remember: You’re Not Home Yet
When God gives you a mission, you can be sure you’ll run into delays, difficulties, detours, and dead ends along the way. They are a natural part of life. But you can be ready for … Continue reading When You Hit a Detour, Don’t Give Up!
One of the pitfalls you may face as you fulfill your purpose in life is the temptation to take shortcuts. In truth, these shortcuts will only get you off track. The shortcuts may be moral, … Continue reading Shortcuts Will Only Get You Off Track
You say, “I want to trust God, but I don’t hear him.” You don’t hear God when your mind is filled with a thousand other distractions. To hear God, you’ve got to get near God. … Continue reading To Hear God, Get Near God
Have you noticed that the moment you establish a goal in your life, you start hearing people say, “Who do you think you are” or “It can’t be done” or “Forget about it”? The antidote … Continue reading Whose Voice Are You Listening To?
One of the most important tests we all face as we try to achieve what God has called us to do is our response to cultural distractions. Can you relate to losing your focus because … Continue reading Don’t Let Distractions Keep You from Your Best
Many people in life start out well, but they end up progressing poorly because they don’t plan for the pitfalls. But the Bible says the wise person looks ahead and faces reality. As we make … Continue reading Be Wise: Look Ahead and Face Reality