Learn, Love, Live The Word

Pastor Rick’s passion to launch on radio was born from three deep convictions…

People are discouraged and everyone needs HOPE. We know that HOPE comes from the Scriptures. Discouragement is rampant… in the weak economic recovery and high rate of joblessness, the natural disasters, painful school shootings, gridlock among political leaders and much more.  Society is coarsening and there is a clear loss of civility. People need to hear the Gospel and the HOPE in CHRIST more than ever.

Bringing the Gospel to the unreached is our greatest goal. Pastor Rick passionately feels the need to reach the remaining 3000 unreached tribes and people groups with the Gospel of Jesus. This is the greatest evangelistic global initiative we can team up together to achieve (Revelations 7:9). Pastor Rick intends to use the Daily Hope radio program to mobilize the people and the funding needed to accomplish this goal.

Religious liberty is our first right. Pastor Rick is deeply concerned about the erosion of religious liberty in America. On every front – school campuses, businesses, hospitals, and even in churches, secularists in government are increasingly trying to limit, undermine, and even outlaw historic protections of our religious liberty. Our first freedom is religious liberty and it needs to be protected. This may become the civil rights issue of the next decade and Pastor Rick intends to be a big voice in protecting our first right.

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Daily Hope Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit that provides hope in many forms, including a half-hour Bible teaching program called “Daily Hope with Rick Warren,” in which Pastor Warren shares a meaningful and applicable message from Scripture to encourage, equip, and train people to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.