Daily Hope Devotional

One of the greatest tests of your character is how you treat people who are trying to serve you. Whether it’s a waitress, a waiter, a clerk, an employee, a secretary, your children, or your … Continue reading How Do You Treat People Who Serve You?
Many people, including Christians, think they only have to show respect for people with whom they agree. Nothing could be further from the truth! In today’s world, there are many activities in our society that … Continue reading You Can Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
Respect has become an endangered value. Yet the Bible makes it clear that stable families—and stable societies—are built around respect. The Bible commands us to honor our parents, respect civil authority, and respect church leaders. … Continue reading Every Person Is Worthy of Respect
We each must consciously decide to make time for things other than work. If we don’t, we’ll never rest. We’ll quickly burn out! It’s like a bow and arrow. When a bow is constantly strung … Continue reading What Should You Do on the Sabbath?
You’re not God. You don’t have all the answers. You can’t do everything. If you’re struggling to find balance in your life, those admissions can transform everything. The Bible says, “Only someone too stupid to … Continue reading You’re Not God—Stop Acting Like It!
If you want to live a truly balanced life, you can only look at one person in all of history as your model: Jesus. When you put him at the center of your life, your … Continue reading The Key to a Balanced Life: Jesus
We can come up with many excuses for overworking. Sometimes we blame it on needing to provide for our family. Other times we insist our work is so important that to slow down would be … Continue reading Don’t Confuse Your Work and Your Worth
In a 21st century world where we’re overworked, overstressed, and over-scheduled, this may be one of the most significant and freeing sentences you’ll ever read: You have just enough time to do God’s will. That … Continue reading Just Enough Time to Do God’s Will
Anger has a price tag. When you realize that truth, you’re more likely to control the anger in your life. The Bible tells us, “A hot-tempered man . . . gets into all kinds of … Continue reading The Cost of Misplaced Anger
We all get angry from time to time. We may handle it differently, but none of us can escape the emotion entirely. But just because we get angry doesn’t mean we’re sinning. The Bible says, … Continue reading Three Things to Avoid When You’re Angry