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Why Can I Trust the Bible? – Part 2From 40 Days In The Word 2023

Many people have a hard time trusting the Bible because they don’t trust the people who wrote it. Pastor Rick uses this message to show just how much Jesus believed in and trusted the Bible—and … Continue reading Why Can I Trust the Bible? – Part 2

Today’s Devotional

If Jesus Trusted the Bible, Then You Can Too By Rick Warren - June 6, 2023

You may have heard someone say, “I trust Jesus, but not the other guys who wrote the Bible.” There’s a problem with that logic. Jesus trusted the Bible—every word of it! He taught that the … Continue reading If Jesus Trusted the Bible, Then You Can Too

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    Messages include:

    Message 1: Building My Life on the Bible
    Message 2: Why Can I Trust the Bible?
    Message 3: How the Bible Changes Us
    Message 4: Seeing What God Wants Me to See
    Message 5: How to Study a Bible Passage
    Message 6: Understanding the Meaning of a Biblical Text
    Message 7: Integrating God’s Word into My Life

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