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The Transformation Choice – Part 1From Life's Healing Choices: The Beatitudes (2018)

Whatever the problem is in your life, it boils down to two things: Will you trust God to take care of the situation? And, will you obey God and do the right thing even if … Continue reading The Transformation Choice – Part 1

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If You Want to Change, Start with Your Thinking By Rick Warren - August 15, 2018

Change requires new thinking. In order to change, we must learn the truth and start making good choices, but we also must change the way we think. The way you think determines the way you … Continue reading If You Want to Change, Start with Your Thinking

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    Life’s Healing Choices Study Kit

    No one is perfect. We live in an imperfect world. We hurt ourselves. And we hurt others. Overcoming hurts, hang-ups, and bad habits isn’t easy. Some people carry the pain with them for years, even forever.

    Pastor Rick Warren shares eight sessions in this video study and workbook that will lead you step-by-step through the recovery and self-discovery process. This biblically-based, practical process will help you confront, overcome and heal from your hurts, hang-ups and habits. You’ll find out how to . . .

    • Get help
    • Let go
    • Repair relationships


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    Life’s Healing Choices

    Join Pastor Rick for this series on “Life’s Healing Choices” as he walks through the Beatitudes from Matthew 5, which are the eight steps to physical, emotional, social, financial, and personal health.

    • Message 1: The Reality Choice
    • Message 2: The Hope You Need for Change
    • Message 3: Letting Go and Letting God
    • Message 4: The Housecleaning Choice
    • Message 5: The Transformation Choice
    • Message 6: The Relationship Choice
    • Message 7: The Growth Choice
    • Message 8: The Sharing Choice
    • Message 9: Breaking Free from Abuse
    • Message 10: There’s No Recovery without Prayer

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