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Building Margin into Your Life – Part 1From The Life You Were Meant to Live (2018)

God is the author of your limitations. He put them there for your good! Pastor Rick explains in this broadcast why, rather than fighting your limits, you need to accept your limits and how to … Continue reading Building Margin into Your Life – Part 1

Today"s Devotional

Why Stressed? Over-worked or Over-worried? By Rick Warren - November 19, 2018

You may think that you’re stressed out because you have too much work to do. You may think your boss is unreasonable. You may be right. But that’s not why you’re stressed. Work doesn’t stress … Continue reading Why Stressed? Over-worked or Over-worried?

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  • Special Offer

    The Purpose of Christmas Book

    Focus on Jesus this Christmas!

    Holiday parties. Presents under the tree. Caroling. Christmas dinner. Watching family movies around the fireplace.

    The Christmas season is full of holiday traditions. It’s part of what makes it special! But at the same time, you don’t want to forget what the real Christmas celebration is about:

    Sharing the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ with the people you love—and even with those you may never meet.

    The Purpose of Christmas is a hardcover gift book with full color images. In it, Pastor Rick shows you . . .

    • What Christmas means for your salvation
    • How to surrender to God’s will
    • Practical steps to overcome discouragement
    • Why we celebrate Christmas at all
    • How Christmas can be a time to make peace with others


  • Current Series

    The Life You Were Meant to Live

    Before you even took your first breath, God planned the life you were meant to live. Unfortunately most people never live that life, because it’s not automatic! In this new series, Pastor Rick helps you understand the steps you need to take to obey and choose to do God’s will so that you don’t miss God’s best and the life he planned for you.

    • Message 1: Evicting Envy from Your Heart
    • Message 2: Getting Ready to Be Used By God
    • Message 3: Slowing Down
    • Message 4: Building Margin Into Your Life
    • Message 5: Remembering What Matters Most
    • Message 6: How to Lighten Your Load
    • Message 7: Focusing Your Life

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