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From Overwhelmed to Overflowing – Part 1From Living in the Goodness of God 2023

Do you have a shortage mindset or a surplus mindset? Pastor Rick teaches that a surplus mindset recognizes that God supplies more than enough to meet everyone’s needs at the same time.

Today’s Devotional

From Overwhelmed to Overflowing By Rick Warren - February 5, 2023

The moment you start doubting the goodness of God and deciding for yourself what will make you happy, all kinds of problems begin in your life. You wind up overworked, overanxious, and overloaded—and just generally … Continue reading From Overwhelmed to Overflowing

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    Living in the Goodness of God Complete Audio Series

    In this study of Psalm 23, Pastor Rick Warren teaches about the never-ending goodness of God—the answer to the worry, regret, indecision, emotional pain, and fear in your life. Discover how your life can be transformed when you understand and believe in God’s goodness.

    Messages include:

    Message 1: Is God Really Good All the Time?
    Message 2: Letting God Meet My Needs
    Message 3: Relaxing in God’s Goodness
    Message 4: How God’s Goodness Can Restore You
    Message 5: How to Be Led by God’s Spirit
    Message 6: The God of My Valleys
    Message 7: How Jesus Treats His Sheep
    Message 8: How God Lifts Me Up When I’m Worn Down
    Message 9: Living an Anointed Life
    Message 10: From Overwhelmed to Overflowing
    Message 11: Why You Don’t Need to Fear the Future
    Message 12: Heaven: God’s Eternal Goodness to You

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