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How To Keep Your Tank Filled Instead of Running on Empty – Part 2From Strategies for Stressful Times

One reason we often feel overloaded is because we’re trying to control things too much. Sometimes we act this way without realizing it. In this broadcast, Pastor Rick teaches the importance of staying in step … Continue reading How To Keep Your Tank Filled Instead of Running on Empty – Part 2

Today’s Devotional

Only One Opinion Matters By Rick Warren - December 10, 2023

If you’re not sure who you really are, then you can be manipulated and molded by the pressures, problems, and people around you—and that leads to stress! Our culture is constantly trying to fit you … Continue reading Only One Opinion Matters

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    Strategies for Stressful Times Complete Audio Series

    We all face stressful seasons in life—times when we feel like we’re treading water and barely getting by. Thankfully, God’s Word gives us new strength to keep going, to trust God when it doesn’t make sense, and to handle stress even in the most difficult of times. In this series, Pastor Rick looks to the Bible for strategies on how to navigate stressful times.

    Messages include:

    Message 1: Finding the Strength to Keep Going When I’m Emotionally Worn Out
    Message 2: How To Be Happy No Matter What Happens
    Message 3: How to Trust God When You Don’t Like the Changes in Your Life
    Message 4: How to Keep Your Tank Filled Instead of Running on Empty
    Message 5: Jesus’ Secrets of Resilience

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