Daily Hope Devotionals - Scripture

Developing Strong Convictions

Dictionaries usually define “conviction” as a fixed or strong belief—but conviction is much more than that. In addition to your beliefs, your convictions include your values, commitments, and motivations. I like the definition of conviction … Continue reading Developing Strong Convictions

What’s Influencing Your Worldview?

To live with uncommon courage and stand up for Christ, you have to clarify your worldview—the filter through which you see and understand the world. Yesterday we looked at what it means to develop a … Continue reading What’s Influencing Your Worldview?

Download: 30 Encouraging Bible Verses

Download a PDF of comforting Bible verses you can turn to in times of grieving and lament.

How and Why You Should Memorize Scripture

The Bible is a gift that offers you so much. But like a box full of treasure, it does you no good unless you have the keys to unlock it. One of the keys to … Continue reading How and Why You Should Memorize Scripture