Daily Hope Devotionals - Leadership

Effective Leadership Is Gentle

Gentleness is a prerequisite to leadership. No matter where you want to be a leader—in church, government, business, home, school, or your community—you first have to be gentle.  Proverbs 11:16 says, “A woman of gentle … Continue reading Effective Leadership Is Gentle

What Causes Conflict?

You probably don’t like conflict. Most people try to avoid it as much as possible! But conflict is inevitable in life—because no one is perfect. But if you want to build a better future and … Continue reading What Causes Conflict?

How Family Members Help Each Other Grow

One of the marks of an awesome family—whether it’s your biological family, your adoptive family, or your church family—is that you help each other grow. But how do you do that? Let me give you … Continue reading How Family Members Help Each Other Grow

How to Restore a Relationship

What do you think about when you think of forgiveness? Do you think forgiving also has to mean just going on with the relationship as if nothing ever happened? It doesn’t—and, in fact, it shouldn’t. … Continue reading How to Restore a Relationship

The Cost of Anger

When someone is angry with you, it’s easy to show anger in return. But before you allow yourself to get mad back, calculate what you’re going to lose. Calculate the cost of anger. The Bible … Continue reading The Cost of Anger

Great Shepherds Lead with Character and Competence

Integrity is a requirement for leadership—because all leadership is based on trust, and all trust is built on truth. Israel’s King David was one of the greatest leaders in history. The Bible says about him: … Continue reading Great Shepherds Lead with Character and Competence

Great Leaders Show Vulnerability

Paul, who wrote about half of the New Testament, was one of the greatest leaders who ever lived. He is also a great example of vulnerability. In one of his letters, Paul said, “We have … Continue reading Great Leaders Show Vulnerability

Four Strengths in Vulnerability

Your vulnerability is not a weakness. In fact, vulnerability is a strength! God can take your vulnerabilities and make you spiritually empowered, emotionally healed, relationally attractive, and formed for leadership. Here’s how. First, being open … Continue reading Four Strengths in Vulnerability

Courage Is Contagious

God wants you to have courage and stand up for his ways when everyone else sits down. But it’s not just for your own good. It’s for the good of others, too. When you stand … Continue reading Courage Is Contagious

A Journey of Lifelong Learning Starts with a Choice

Your journey of lifelong learning starts with a choice. It’s a choice only you can make. It’s an incredibly important decision that’ll impact your entire life. The Bible says, “Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully … Continue reading A Journey of Lifelong Learning Starts with a Choice