Daily Hope Devotionals - Ecclesiastes 7

Forgive Because You’re Forgiven

When someone hurts you deeply, forgiveness probably isn’t your natural response. Instead, you may want to hold on to the hurt and to bitterness toward the person who caused you pain. But God calls you … Continue reading Forgive Because You’re Forgiven

God Made You Wonderfully Complex

The Bible says there’s nothing simple about you. You’re complex and multifaceted. You’re not easy to understand or explain. In Psalm 139:14, David says, “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!” (NLT). To make … Continue reading God Made You Wonderfully Complex

When You Mess Up, God Gives Mercy

Jesus’ ministry was all about mercy. In fact, there wasn’t a person he didn’t show mercy to. The definition of mercy is “undeserved forgiveness and unearned kindness.” When somebody forgives you and you don’t deserve … Continue reading When You Mess Up, God Gives Mercy

Four Steps Towards Forgiveness

If you’re like most people, you might have some misconceptions about what it means to forgive. And, because you don’t understand forgiveness, you find it really difficult to forgive. As a follower of Jesus, you … Continue reading Four Steps Towards Forgiveness

Three Reasons to Forgive

The Bible says there are three reasons you have to let go of your past and forgive the people who’ve hurt you. And those reasons have nothing to do with whether those people deserve it … Continue reading Three Reasons to Forgive

Is Social Media a Helpful Tool or a Crutch?

What makes social media so addictive? Why do you have to go back and check a picture 50 times after you post? Why are you constantly checking your phone? Everybody wants the approval of others. … Continue reading Is Social Media a Helpful Tool or a Crutch?

Integrity Begins with Confession

God wants you to agree with him about your sin. He’s not asking you to agree so you’ll feel bad; his purpose is to free you from your sin and guilt so that you can … Continue reading Integrity Begins with Confession

You Need to Accept the Reality of Failure

In America, failure is almost the unpardonable sin. We idolize success. But that kind of pressure creates major stress on people. The fear of failure has many different faces. It can cause you to be … Continue reading You Need to Accept the Reality of Failure