Daily Hope Devotionals - Build

Blessing Comes From Doing

The uncontrollable winds of life—relational winds, financial winds, and spiritual winds—can overwhelm you and throw you off course. But God’s Word is filled with principles to help you withstand even the toughest winds. Yesterday we … Continue reading Blessing Comes From Doing

Humility Builds Relationships

The ability to be humble is a relationship builder. What is humility? It’s when you honor others above yourself, not always demanding or clinging to your rights. Pride, on the other hand, destroys relationships—and it … Continue reading Humility Builds Relationships

Selflessness Builds Relationships

Selflessness brings out the best in others. It builds relationships. What does it mean to be selfless? It means you think a little less of yourself and a little more of others. The opposite of … Continue reading Selflessness Builds Relationships