Don’t Get Fatigued. Stay Connected!

“Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NCV)

Did you know that God has special work for you to do? That’s why you’re alive. He made you to do good works that he planned for you before you were even born. Ephesians 2:10 says, “God made us to do good works” (NCV).

But God never meant for you to do good works by yourself. He knows that would only lead to fatigue.

The Bible says, “Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together” (Ecclesiastes 4:9 NCV).

Sometimes we think that people do their greatest work alone. For example, there’s a misconception that Mother Teresa served on the streets of Calcutta all by herself. But she actually had an army of sisters helping her.

You also need other people helping you fulfill the work that God has for your life. By yourself, you won’t be able to do a lot. But working with other people, you can get more done.

By themselves, snowflakes are not very strong. But if enough snowflakes stick together, they can stop traffic! People are the same way. On our own, you or I may not be much. But together, we can make a greater difference, with each person doing what God made them to do.

Maybe you’re feeling exhausted today. Do you have anyone helping you? If not, you’re missing out on one of the benefits of being connected to a church family. You may attend a church, but that doesn’t mean you’re connected to its people. Not sure how to get connected? If your church offers small groups, start by joining one.

Community is God’s answer to fatigue.

Talk It Over

  • Have you discovered the work God has for your life? What is it, and how are other people helping you to fulfill it?
  • Think of a time when you worked with others to accomplish God’s work. How did working together ensure the best outcome?
  • How has your small group or your church family helped you learn to serve without becoming burned out and exhausted?

Give hope, prayer, and encouragement below. Post a comment & talk about it.