Daily Hope Devotional

Choose to Bless, Not to Gossip

By Rick Warren — May 29, 2021
All of us have crazymakers in our lives. They’re the people who make us want to call our best friends, and say, “You won’t believe what they just did!” Crazymakers make you want to spread … Continue reading Choose to Bless, Not to Gossip

Let Go of Your Hurt

By Rick Warren — May 28, 2021
Has someone ever done a crazy, hurtful thing to you or to someone you love? And maybe you’ve thought, “I know the Christian thing to do is to forgive, so I will. I will forgive … Continue reading Let Go of Your Hurt

Love Overlooks Offenses

By Rick Warren — May 27, 2021
When you’re dealing with people who are offensive or irritating, you need to look past the behavior to the pain. Everything we do is motivated by something. When people hurt others, it’s because they’re hurting … Continue reading Love Overlooks Offenses

Fear Rejection? Keep Eternity in Mind

By Rick Warren — May 26, 2021
One way to overcome the fear of rejection is by keeping the right perspective. You can listen to the opinions of others—but never overvalue what they say. In Isaiah 51:12, God says, “I am the … Continue reading Fear Rejection? Keep Eternity in Mind

People Pleasing Is Idolatry

By Rick Warren — May 25, 2021
In life, you have to please only one person: your Creator. You only have to please the Lord, the one who made you and has a purpose for your life. That simplifies life enormously! Jesus … Continue reading People Pleasing Is Idolatry

Integrity vs. Popularity

By Rick Warren — May 24, 2021
One day you’ll give an account of your life before God. This fact is the best antidote to people pleasing that I know. When you have that kind of long-term thinking—when you keep in mind … Continue reading Integrity vs. Popularity

Remember the Best and Forget the Rest

By Rick Warren — May 23, 2021
What do you choose to remember about the time you’ve spent with people? Do you remember the good experiences or the bad experiences? The apostle Paul chose to remember the good, to focus on the … Continue reading Remember the Best and Forget the Rest

Unpack Your Emotional Baggage Before Marriage

By Rick Warren — May 22, 2021
Before you start dating someone, it’s crucial that you make an honest assessment of your own emotional health and that of your potential partner. I remember marrying a couple many years ago at Saddleback. About … Continue reading Unpack Your Emotional Baggage Before Marriage

Let God Guide Your Choices

By Rick Warren — May 21, 2021
If you wait for the perfect wife or the perfect husband, you’ll never find them. Let me tell you why: No one is perfect. We’re all broken. And that’s okay. God loves you, despite your … Continue reading Let God Guide Your Choices

Choose Your Partner Carefully

By Rick Warren — May 20, 2021
If you’re supposed to choose your friends carefully, you should be even more careful about choosing your life partner. And notice that you do get to choose. God leads, guides, and gives you guidelines. But … Continue reading Choose Your Partner Carefully