Ask God for Help With Your Finances

“You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19 (MSG)

Philippians 4:19 is an amazing and all-encompassing promise regarding God’s provision: “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus” (MSG).

Note these two words: “God will.” It doesn’t say, “God might” meet your needs. It says, “God will” meet your needs. It’s written as a fact. God is staking his character and his reputation on it.

The verse continues, “God will take care of everything.” It doesn’t say, “God will take care of some needs.” It says he’s got them all covered.

Now, it doesn’t say, “God will meet all your greeds.” There’s a big difference between needs and wants.

If you’re a parent, do you give your kids everything they want? I hope not. You don’t do that because you love them—and your heavenly Father loves you. He’s not going to give you everything you want because if he did, you’d be spoiled to death—and he knows that some of the things you want wouldn’t be good for you.

He won’t give you everything you want, but he will give you everything you need.

“Then why do I still have financial needs?” you may be wondering. Did God fail? Did he lie? Did he exaggerate? 

No! With every promise, there is a premise; there are conditions and requirements. When God makes a promise, his expectation is often, “I’ll do my part, and you do your part.” God’s financial principles are clearly laid out for us in his Word. The Bible discusses many aspects of financial health, including principles of saving, spending, giving, investing, and stewardship. God has given you everything you need for financial stability.

You just need to ask for his help as you follow his principles. Jesus says, “Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy” (John 16:24 NLT).

Many people depend more on their credit card than on Jesus Christ. Here’s a good rule: Before you pay for it, pray for it. Give God a chance to provide before you go out and charge it. Ask him for wisdom to make a good financial decision. 

Why does God want you to ask? So he can give. Why does he want to give? So you can receive.

Why does he want you to receive? So you’ll be full of joy.

There is great joy in obeying God’s Word regarding your finances. God will take care of you. Just ask him!

Talk It Over

  • What area of your finances do you have a hard time surrendering to God? Why?
  • When you are joyfully responsible with your finances, how does that serve as a testimony to other people?
  • What big purchase are you considering? How can you pursue God’s wisdom today for that purchase?

Give hope, prayer, and encouragement below. Post a comment & talk about it.