The Battle You Were Born to Win

You were born into a battle. You didn’t ask for it. But a cosmic battle that started before you were born and will continue long after you die is taking place all throughout the universe. You can’t escape the battle between God and Satan, good and evil. Even people who don’t know it exists can’t escape it!

Because we’re talking about God, there’s good news. It’s important to know God and Satan are not equal sides. You don’t have to wonder who’s going to win this war. There is no suspense, no wondering who’s going to be standing at the end. God is far superior in all ways. And the Bible tells us that at the end of this world, God is going to have the last word. One day God will completely wipe Satan out.

Until then, he allows us to have a choice of whose side we’re on.

People are often pawns in this cosmic battle. Why? Because Satan can’t hurt God. What do you do when you can’t hurt someone? You hurt his children—so Satan goes after you.

The bad news is, you were born for a spiritual battle. But you were also born to win the battle. The Bible says, “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4 NIV).

Satan isn’t afraid of you. He is afraid of who is in you: God.

When you become a Christian, God gives you the Holy Spirit to live in you. With the Holy Spirit in you, you don’t have to be afraid of Satan. Because with the Holy Spirit, you have the power that raised Jesus from the dead. That power guarantees you victory not just over the war but over every battle you face in your life—every temptation, every sorrow, every pain you experience.

All you have to do is call on the Holy Spirit. God is ready to give you the help, comfort, and power you need for life.

You’re on the winning side of this war. Now it’s time to live like it.

Rick Warren

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