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What Kind of Father Is God? — Part 2From How God Meets Your Deepest Needs 2024

God is a Father who is never too busy for us and who loves to meet our needs and heal our hurts. We can turn to him for comfort and support, attention and protection. Join … Continue reading What Kind of Father Is God? — Part 2

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God Is a Close Father By Rick Warren - July 21, 2024

In Acts 17, Paul gave a sermon to the people in Athens. He said something like, “God doesn’t live in a temple or a little house. He would be confined. He has chosen to live … Continue reading God Is a Close Father

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    You Make Me Crazy Study Kit

    You probably have a relationship that drives you crazy. Whether it’s a friend, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker, or that relative you see at every family get-together, your relationship with them can really make your life difficult.

    That’s why we want to send you Pastor Rick’s You Make Me Crazy Bible study. In it, you’ll discover the biblical principles that will help you go beyond mere survival and coexistence in your relationships. You’ll get the tools you need to thrive!

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    You Make Me Crazy Complete Audio Series

    We all want peace in our relationships, since they are the only things in our lives that will last. In this message series, Pastor Rick helps you understand that to be a peaceful person, you need to be more like Jesus Christ. Join him as he talks more about how God is your perfect model of peace.

    Messages include:

    Message 1: Six Keys to Peace In Relationships
    Message 2: Who’s Pushing Your Buttons?
    Message 3: Resolving Conflict
    Message 4: Finding the Love of Your Life
    Message 5: Breaking Free from Abuse
    Message 6: Escaping the People Pleaser Trap
    Message 7: Keeping the Crazymakers from Making You Crazy
    Message 8: How to Keep Your Marriage Growing

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