Daily Hope Devotionals - The Jesus Model

Integrity Begins with Confession

God wants you to agree with him about your sin. He’s not asking you to agree so you’ll feel bad; his purpose is to free you from your sin and guilt so that you can … Continue reading Integrity Begins with Confession

You Can’t Be Fake and Have Integrity

Living with integrity means you don’t pretend. You’re real with yourself and others. You’re an open book. You’re authentic—what people see is what they get. You refuse to play a role: “We refuse to wear … Continue reading You Can’t Be Fake and Have Integrity

When You’re Working, God Is Watching

If you’re a believer, no matter who your boss is at work, ultimately, you’re working for God. Whether or not anyone else sees what you do, God sees—and he doesn’t want you to waste the … Continue reading When You’re Working, God Is Watching

Gossip Destroys Integrity

Your relationships are one of the primary ways you show integrity. Relational integrity means you don’t talk one way about people in front of them and a different way behind their backs. In other words, … Continue reading Gossip Destroys Integrity