Now Airing on TV!

Thanks to your incredible support, Pastor Rick’s messages of hope and healing can now be seen on TBN every Sunday! Through the television medium, God is using Daily Hope to transform even more lives. Here’s a note from David who recently “found” Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope . . .

“Rick . . . sometimes I ‘land’ on a Christian TV channel, and I feel it is no accident when the message is something I need to hear. It happened today when I heard your sermon on ‘Waiting on the Lord (James 5:7-11)’ on TBN. Just exactly what I needed to hear, as I wait expectantly!”

Whether it’s through radio, podcast, app, email, the Internet, or TV, people are coming to Christ and maturing in their faith thanks to your prayers and financial support. Together, we are reaching people for Jesus! 

Give hope, prayer, and encouragement below. Post a comment & talk about it.