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You Matter: God Sees You

“[Zacchaeus] was too short … [but] when Jesus got to the tree, he looked up …” Luke 19: 3, 5 (NIV)

"You may feel like you're out on a limb; Jesus knows. You may feel all alone, but Jesus stops and notices. You are not forgotten; you are not alone."

According to the world’s standards for evaluating worth, Zacchaeus was a failure. He was extremely short; he was disliked by everyone because he was a tax collector; and he hated himself.

He was not proud of his life’s achievements because he knew he had cheated people to get where he was. He was powerful and had a lot of money -- but he had no friends and was incredibly lonely.

But one day Zacchaeus’ life was completely changed because Jesus walked by and he realized how much he mattered to God.

When Zacchaeus learned that Jesus was coming to town, he wanted to see him, but he was too short to get a glimpse above the crowd. So he ran to a spot where he knew Jesus would pass by and he climbed a tree.

Luke 19 records that when Jesus passed this spot, he looked up and noticed Zacchaeus. Can you imagine how Zacchaeus’ heart started pounding at that moment? Jesus was looking at him – this small, despised, insignificant man.

Why did Jesus stop at that tree and look at him? Because he knew that’s exactly where Zacchaeus was.

God knows exactly where you are too. He knew where you were an hour ago and he knows where you will be tomorrow. You may feel like you’re up a tree right now in your life. God knows where you are. You may feel like you’re out on a limb; Jesus knows. You may feel all alone, but Jesus stops and notices. You are not forgotten; you are not alone.

No tear has ever been hidden from him. No hurtful word said to you has ever passed that he missed. No abuse has ever occurred that he didn’t see and grieve with you. He sees it all.

“God never overlooks a single sparrow. And he pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail – even numbering the hairs on your head!” (Luke 12:6-7 MSG).

The greatest gift of love anyone can ever receive is attention. When you give people your time, you give them your life. When you pay attention to someone and look them in the eye, you are saying, “You matter to me. You are valuable.”

There is never a moment, never a second in your life that God is not paying attention to you. He notices you 24 hours a day because he loves you; you are valuable to him.

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